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Day 2 in the Big Brother house^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H all-hands AKT workshop

...but that's enough of work. Edinburgh is gorgeous as ever, if a little drizzly this morning.

Finished reading All the President's Men last night after returning from a quiet dinner with Neil (WINOLJ). ATPM is one of my favourite films, and I'm a bit abashed that it has taken me this long to get around to reading the Woodstein book on which the film was based. Three brief comments on the book and film:

  • The casting for the film is better than I'd previously appreciated; the actors playing Sloan and Segretti are pretty much dead ringers for Sloan and Segretti
  • The film stops three-quarters of the way through the book. When the film cuts to the final close-up montage of chattering teletypes reporting the collapse of the Nixon regime, culminating in Nixon's resignation, the book covers this in much more depth, and makes it clear that it wasn't all straightforward, even at that late stage.
  • I wish that the book had included more lengthy excerpts from the Post's coverage, if not the complete coverage.

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Any feelings about tonight? I have another person or two coming along . . . what sort of thing do you fancy?

  1. Food
  2. Beer

But not necessarily in that order. Wine or cocktails would be an appropriate alternative to beer. Music might be nice, depending on what it is, but I don't want to get back too late, tomorrow being a School Night.

Food - any genre in particular? There are several good Indian restaurants centrally, at least one Frenchish one, a couple of Tex/Mex, some more general places . . . anything grab you?

I'm not terribly aware of music tonight, but pubs and other licences establishments are certainly plentiful.

I did tex-mex at Viva Mexico on Monday night, and while I'm a great fan of Mexican, change would be good. Indian or French would both be good, with a marginal preference for the former.

re: music, if it happens as a side effect of beer that's fine, if it doesn't that's also fine...

Annpurna or Kushi's, then the Auld Hoose or the Monkey, maybe?

Yep, either and either. What time?

(also, either brief directions to the curry houses or a place to meet would be much appreciated)

Err . . .around seven suit you? I'll call you later, anyway. I'm just waiting to see if Graham or Laura have opinions.

Kushi's is across the road from the Potterrow, heading east. Beside the pelican crossing. The Annpurna's a couple of blocks south along Nicholson Street. Where are you going to be setting off from?

Seven's good for me. Gives me enough time to dump stuff off at the hotel; I'm at the Novotel on Lauriston Place (and yes, I now remember where Kushi's and Annapurna are)

Where do you want to meet?

Well, either at the hotel or at the restaurant, I guess. I live a hundred yards from the other side of the Meadows, so it's no great hike either way.

Kushi's isn;t where it was a few years ago - it's back on the site of the building it was in in about 1950, facing the empty carpark between the potterrow and the Appleton Tower.
As it's so easy to find, I could meet you there at seven? If you don't fancy the menu, then the other's only a few minutes away. As indeed are a couple more.

Kushi's at seven is good for me (I notice it had moved the last time I was up in Edinburgh). See you there.

But I saw it first and bought the book!

*Isobel does one-up-manship as a work aviodance tactic*

Yeah. One of the many reasons that I love you...

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