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Wireless and wired
gritted teeth

Just ordered one of these, which will hopefully work better with the iPod than the nasty tape-cassette-on-a-wire that we're using in the car at the moment. Also means that we'll be able to broadcast Radio Free Gark throughout Gark Towers when it comes to our party at the end of next month (fill out the poll to let us know if you can make it or not). I feel an inexplicable need to talk like a pirate now. Ah-harrrr (etc).

Forgot to mention in earlier post - the excellent patisserie in Oxford was Maison Blanc at the south end of Woodstock Road, and also sells Michel Cluizel Noir Infini (99% cocoa solids). Good stuff.

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I have yet to find or be recommended an FM transmitter that is better quality than the tape-on-a-wire things, as long as the tape heads are even vaguely clean.

The other problem with them,at lesat locally, is there are so many radio stations in and around Boston that if you drive for a while you have to keep retuning them.

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