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Seminar redux

The seminar went tolerably well. Better than the Edinburgh seminar, though not as well as the Manchester one.

Some further intrigue about all this. I am one of two shortlisted candidates (the other is a genetic algorithms chap from Harvard), which is a bit on the short side for a lectureship. The reason for this is that these interviews apparently aren't for the advertised lectureship (the OMII post), but as some sort of 'special post' (Eternal Leader's words). I can't work out if this has improved my chances, or if I'm being used as a stalking horse to enable the school to headhunt someone else.

I really am a 'glass half-full' guy, aren't I? Oh well, interview tomorrow morning at 10.30.

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But, excuse me from pointing out the obvious, didn't the letter say you were be called for interview in relation to your reenet application for said post?

Ref: 03R0693/int3

11 June 2004

Dear Dr Gibbins

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Further to your application for the above position, I have pleasure in inviting you for interview [...]

I'd call that a fairly conclusive "yes".

Good luck and I hope you prod buttock!

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