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Big Apple Redux
semantic web

I am posting this from the living room sofa, where I am currently watching Big Brother with about a quarter of my brain. This may seem like a small deal to those of you who are L33T D00D2 and are just waiting for your Gibsonian cranial jacks, but this is the first wireless network I've set up. Probably breaks all sorts of regulations in our ISPs AUP, but I've locked it down as much as I think I can.

The last few weeks have been extremely busy. The week before last was the Web conference in New York, which was extremely good, even if the sight of Glorious Leader trolleyed (again) was something which I didn't need to experience once more. Our CS AKTive Space paper was pretty well received, though the most enjoyable bit for me was the eleventh-hour work that a number of us were doing on a Semantic Web-enabled Web conference photo archive. Some goodish ones of me in there.

The highlight of all of this was ias coming over to join me in NYC for a few days after the end of the conference. Unlike our previous outing in the city, I didn't get food poisoning, she didn't have feet so sore she couldn't walk, we went out for dinner every night (and cocktails for one), and we even managed to have sex. Looks like the jinx has broken. The only upset was that we didn't get to see the delightful ravenchild, mostly because I was rubbish and didn't phone before Saturday night. That said, the window where all three of us could have met up was rather narrow - about three hours on Tuesday evening, if my calculations are correct.

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awww it's ok... soon I promise! :) missed you both and that stunk, but there is a next time no doubt about that!

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