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Why non-ISO country codes and tab completion are a bad combination

I have nothing further to add.

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How is Kiev at this time of year? And who knew that Southampton was actually so far north?

Hope the US of A is treating you well, and that you are eating loads of waffles and american pancakes.

I've completely failed to have *any* waffles or pancakes thus far. Breakfast have mostly been the coffee and muffins provided by the conference at the morning break, but I have had corned beef hash for breakfast one morning. Was good.

(but nowhere near as good as the ossobuco I had in Little Italy last night)

Ah, see? You're too far north. And too far away from IHOP and Waffle House... We've got those in spades down here. Then again, you also got to Little Italy, which is a good thing in itself... I'm so jealous!

Where are you, exactly? New York? Just curious. Not that you're that much closer, but still. I'm nosy. It happens. :-P

Yup, I'm at WWW2004 in NYC at the moment.

Ah yes, Southampton, Ukraine. You've never heard of it? Follow the main road for about a mile out of Odessa and it's on the Little Chef Roundabout.

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