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And then there was one: how I spent my lunch hour
semantic web

I was supposed to give a double lecture at lunchtime today (on the Semantic Web, natch) as part of the final year compsci course on Knowledge Based Systems.

Today is the hand-in day for final year compsci projects. How many students did I get to the lecture? One, making the total audience a grand two, if I include the course organiser. The lecture has now been rescheduled for next week, when there will hopefully be a few more bodies in the audience.

As revenge, I've just finished writing my new first slide, which consists of a page of upside-down As, backwards Es and various logical snippets. "Carrying on from where we left off last week..."

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Ooops. I was supposed to go to that!

You still can - it starts in ten minutes time!

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