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There are creatures in our garden

I'm not entirely sure of its exact identity, but we've just had either a) an escaped ferret or b) a polecat in the garden.

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We thought there was a rat behind the garage yesterday, hiding behind some flags stacked against the wall. So we chased it out with a hosepipe. Turned out to be a bunny, now holed up in the rotting vegetation behind the greenhouse.

Must remember to leave the gate open for a bit as the garden is entirely sealed otherwise so poor bunny has probably been trapped there for a while at a guess.

He'll be out before I plant out the carrots anyway - that's for sure!

Our garden is usually full of rabbits, something which the cat takes full advantage of. No way of stopping them coming in either.

Speaking of trapped rabbits, we had a problem a few years ago when a female rabbit raised her kits in the bottom of an old bag of charcoal in the shed. We'd noticed the rabbit in the shed, but not her kits, and locked the shed to stop the rabbits going in there again. It was very, very unpleasant when we next went into the shed a few weeks later; the other rabbits steered clear of the garden from the rest of the year.

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