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Names meme

If you know me as:

  • Nick, then you're in the great majority.
  • Nicholas, then you've probably seen me present at a conference or read one of my papers, and haven't realised that while I publish as 'Nicholas', I prefer to be called plain 'Nick'.
  • Nicky, then you're an uncle or aunt who hasn't yet realised that I'm no longer six years old.
  • nmg, then you either read my LiveJournal, talk with me on IRC, or work in the same research group as me.
  • Dr Nick, then you either (incorrectly) think that I may not have heard that line before, or have me confused with drnick@totl.net (I'm just nick@totl.net ).
  • Spider, then you were probably on Cheeseplant's House and have both a long memory and a cruel sense of humour.

(gacked from fire_kitten, ravenchild, valkyriekaren and a number of others)

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I call you dr nick :) or just nick :)

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