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What I did on my holiday

Took yesterday off work because the marvellous fire_kitten was in Bath for the day, and I've seen far, far too little of her over the last few years. Spent the day being a native guide with ias, and showed fire_kitten and her Texan friends around the city. I hope that it made some sense, and that the cold wasn't too much.

Took them to the revamped Cadbury's Cafe (now Cadbury's Cocoahouse) in Bath, which was rather better than it had been before. Decided to go for the manly drink, so had something that called itself "cocoa liquor", resembled a cocoa-based espresso, and was 96% cocoa mass. Now, I like my chocolate bitter, but this was possibly a bit too far - swallowing was difficult, since it did a good job of thickly coating my esophagus. Made the mistake of trying to water it down slightly, but that just made it set/curdle and turn into something that looked like road tar. Still, all's fair in the cause of gustatory experimentation.

Bath got a fair bit of snow last night (about 4cm, I'd guess) so I refused to let ias give me a lift to the station and walked down the hill. Arrived at the station on time, and feeling very virtuous, if slightly cold and wet. Snow has probably mostly melted by now, since the thaw was well in progress by 8am.

On the downside, the cat took it upon herself to tapdance upon our heads and sing an Ethel Merman medley while we were trying to sleep last night, so we both feel shattered, and I swear that I'm coming down with a cold.

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resembled a cocoa-based espresso, and was 96% cocoa mass

Oh, I think I had that in Italy a few years go... It took about three cups efore I got the hang of it, becuase it was so gloopy that it didn't come out of the cup when your tipped it over!

Sounds about right. I'm not sure that I'd want three cups of it, not at one sitting, anyway.

Pleasure meeting you yesterday, by the way. Had a nice time exploring Bath with you, and was happy to have time at Cadbury's! We also had snow in Nottingham this morning, though it doesn't seem like it's come to York, where we are now.

Again, thanks for the tour guiding and the nice conversation. And thanks for taking the time off to visit!

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