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One down, one to go

Just had a phone call from the head of department at Manchester - I didn't get the lectureship. He said that it was a "two horse race" between myself and the internal candidate (Sean), and that it had been extremely close (they'd originally wanted to get the decision out last Friday, but had to deliberate further until today).

Surprisingly, I'm not at all bitter about this. Sean's a bloody strong candidate (and, to be brutally honest, a stronger candidate than myself) and in many ways is the natural for the post.

Time to start preparing for the Edinburgh interview next month...

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Excellent. Good luck with it.



But good luck anyway!

Christ, does everyone know everyone around here?
Right, I'm off to become a hermit.

I thought that you knew that already?

Exactly what I was about to say, m'dear...

Oh, speaking of which - I finally met the damerell t'other week. And, um, realised I'd known him for bloody ages under a different name...

He has another name?!?

Only other name I've ever seen him called by is the nick he used on Monochrome. Well, and his first name, obviously.

His first name, in this case.

Are those lips in your icon from the cover-image of Memoirs of a Geisha, by the way?

They are indeed. Good spot!

Yes, I think I probably did. But then I only fairly recently met you. I'm very confused now!

Aww, that's not so local either!

Sorry to hear that. I bet Issy is disappointed about not getting to fix MUFS as well!

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