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Sic transit gloria mug

Waaa! I've just managed to drop and break the handle off my favourite mug (hefty big white item with blue chinoiserie carp) which I've had for almost the last ten years. This mug served me well at Nokia, in Edinburgh and throughout my time here at Southampton.

I know that I could epoxy the handle back on so that it would last a good few years more (providing I don't run it through a dishwasher and treat it kindly), but it might not be the same. Perhaps I should just retire it and put it out to pasture as a pen holder?

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Plant a very small plant in it?

small ferns are the way forwards

The Mug I bought you after you didn't like the mug I decorated :(

I liked the mug you decorated. I was (and still am) scared that washing it would damage what you painted on it!

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