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Picocon redux

After what I reckon must be some 9ish years of nagging by both narenek and baratron, I finally managed to get to a Picocon. ias and I drove up from London (well, she drove and I read Howard Waldrop's Heart of Whitenesse to her), she to go to various exhibitions and I to the con.

Picocon was fun, and I'm rather annoyed with myself that this was only the first one I'd gone to. More importantly, met up with quite a few people who I hadn't seen for YEARS (baratron, wuzzie, otterylexa and a surprise appearance by ex-CUSFS demigod damerell) as well as those I'd seen rather more recently (flick, swisstone, drplokta and Paul Treadaway).

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Bah, how did I manage to miss you completely?

I have absolutely no idea. I wasn't there for that long - from about 12.25 until 16.45ish, but I did go off and talk to ICU Cinema for about half an hour during the silly games panel.

Next year?

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