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Train grumble

I've been on trains that were late and cancelled before. Until last night, I had never been on a train that was late and cancelled and smoking ominously because the brakes on one carriage had come on unexpectedly. We stopped at Winchester so that the driver and guard could get out and admire the way that the brakes were glowing.

The downside was that this was the last train, so a bus took us on from Eastleigh and there were no taxis about. To add insult to injury, the bus didn't actually stop at the station nearest to me, but dropped me almost ten minutes walk away in a part of Southampton that I don't know especially well by daylight, let alone at night.

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Bah. That is very crap.

But was good to see you!

need I say more?

I think you have grounds for lodging a complaint on that last bit. The TOC's responsibility is to get you to your destination station. The bus should have dropped you there, not somewhere else.

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