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Ayes 316, noes 311: the ayes have it

Damn. Bad law. UK HE will rue this day.

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Indeed; ottah, angua and myself expressed similar views when we saw the results of the vote.

What is even worse is that Labour have now gone completely against one of their manifesto promises... unless the sentance "legislate against top-up fees" should've had a "for" in the place of the "against".

This law has so much wrong with it:

Variable fees
The variability won't end with fees. I fully expect to see variable rates of pay across HE within ten years that go beyond those of the old university/polytechnic binary divide.
Fees repayable as a loan
I never thought I'd see this regressive a tax from a Labour government. The lawyer earning £120,000 and the charity worker earning £18,000 now stand to pay back the same amount. Truly shocking.

The the record, I'd be in favour of a graduate tax instead of the current botch; progressive and open-ended, relates payment more closely to earnings.

On a more selfish note, I also can't see any of the increased revenues to universities making their way anywhere near my pay packet in the next few years.

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