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I hate travelling...

...but there was a day when I thought that I'd relish it. Over the last few months, I've ended up travelling to the US, South Korea, France and the Netherlands (all within the same four weeks). This would have been One Big Adventure had it not all happened in such a short period.

This pattern seems set to continue this year, with Glorious Leader sending me to meetings that he's too busy to attend himself, normally because he's at other meetings. Some of these meetings are cool, like the one on board an aircraft carrier, not least because I could get there by train in less than two hours.

This is not the case for the latest meeting. Glorious Leader now wishes me to attend a meeting on Semantic Web technologies (fine so far) with some defence people (moderately fine) next Tuesday (inadequate notice) in Great Malvern. And there's the rub. I don't drive (can't drive), and Great Malvern is a four hour train journey from Southampton, with between two and four changes. In order to get to the beginning of the meeting, I must catch a train at 06.00, which means getting a taxi to the station at 05.30. The return journey is much the same, so I won't be getting back home until 22.30 or thereabouts.

My only hope is to get a taxi from Southampton to Great Malvern.

boo to werk! boo to tranes! boo to metings! boo to bosses!

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Stay in Malvern the night before, and travel up in the afternoon?

Paper deadline for next Friday means that I need to be in the office for as much of Monday as I can. I suspect that I will end up having to stay overnight on the Monday, though.

Darling, dearest, light of my life,

Why haven't you considered coming to Bath on Monday night? If you do you could get a 7.10 train which will get you into Great Malvern for 10pm.

I might I just remind you that you have had plenty of opportunities to learn to drive and have been on my insurance for the past two years but you haven't got yourself organised enough to get another provisional licence.

Hmmm. I think that I'll do just that. Thanks for finding that one, my love.

Bah. It now turns out that I only need to be there for the afternoon session.

Well, if it's going to take 4 hours you could still come up on Monday, but if you need to work late on Monday and don't need to get the train from Soton until 10 or so, not much point really.

Apart from the fact that I get to see you midweek. If I were to travel from Bath, I'd still need to leave at 09.15 in order to get to Malvern with enough time to get to the venue, through security, etc.

Apart from the fact that I get to see you midweek.

So you're actually going to spend time with me, mayhap cuddled up on the sofa?

Yep. Not going to play Vice City at all. Will you be on the sofa as well, or will you be LJ- and HPfic-reading?

I shall be on the sofa - just as I was last week, mid-week

Expensive things these days, are driving lessons. As may be the time to take them. Still, come on nick, at least scribble the forms to get your provisional and call someone to see how scary local prices are.

the hatter

(Deleted comment)
Get with the programme, we'll all be drivers soon. And when that happens, we're going to begin the cull of cyclists.


the hatter

This would have been One Big Adventure had it not all happened in such a short period.

I had to fly around the world last year, London-Seattle (2 days) -San Francisco(2 hours) - Tokyo (4 hours) - Taipei (4 days) - Singapore (1 hour) - Home

It sounded cool until I did it.


Ach. Okay, you win. Did you know what day of the week it was when you landed?

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