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I do these things because I am unoriginal

Gacked off missfairchild and swisstone. The first ten tracks selected randomly from my computer's media player (DigitalDJ).

  1. 2πr - Clint Mansell (Pi soundtrack)
  2. Spiderman - The Ramones
  3. Love minus zero/no limit - Bob Dylan
  4. Death-Cab For Cutie - Bonzo Dog Band
  5. The Domes of G'Bal - Ozric Tentacles
  6. Death Don't Have No Mercy - The Grateful Dead (from Live/Dead)
  7. The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Dead Can Dance
  8. Midtown Instrumental - Tom Waits (from Rain Dogs)
  9. Rising For The Moon - Fairport Convention
  10. Midnight On The Murder Mile - Carter USM

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iTunes won't let me list my entire library in random order, it will only play it that way, so I cheated a bit and used my "4 & 5 stars" smart playlist, which is still extensive, and probably a bit more characteristic of me. Although Erasure, a very guilty pleasure, still managed to creep in there, which is a bit embarrassing.

  1. Too Alive - The Breeders
  2. Alien - Erasure
  3. The Power of Jen - Barcelona
  4. I Miss You - Björk
  5. Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Schoolly D
  6. There Is A Number Of Small Things & The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records (u-Ziq Straight Mix) - Mum
  7. Safety_in_Numbers - Swiss Dot
  8. Tommib - Squarepusher
  9. Candy Candy - Medicine
  10. Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order

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