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To Tun or not to Tun

If this foul weather keeps up, I may very well not be at the Tun this evening (don't fancy the two mile walk back from the station at 1.30am, especially since I'm besuited today)

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I will, of course, *pout* muchly if you don't come along.

But I can understand if you don't - it's horrible out there...

I don't think I'll be there either, just for a change. I don't fancy the cycle ride in this howwible wind and rain. On the bright side, If I can avoid next month's Tun as well, it'll be a short four weeks until the first anniversary of my Barley Mow boycott.

I may well decide to visit the March Tun, if only to see people's faces light up with a look of "Who the hell is she?"...

Heh. I'll make a special effort to make myself scarce in March, then...

(more Barley Mow crapness last night - upper room was closed, apparently because people kept coming downstairs for real ale at the Christmas Tun)

more Barley Mow crapness last night - upper room was closed

Argh! You see? The Mow Must Go! Why is nobody listening to me?

Apathy and inertia, maybe? What are the other pubs in the area like?

I suspect I'm about to find out! Lookee here and here.

Fandom is trying to make itself more exciting, having heard that you have un-gafiated :o)

Yep, just noticed that. Will reply to poll...

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