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With these updates you are spoiling us, Ambassador

Just applied for a lectureship at Manchester. Will also be applying for a lectureship at Edinburgh. Scary stuff.

Should really tell Glorious Leader when he returns on Monday, since I'm using him for a reference (no repeats of the Bath fiasco).

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Wow, those sound like some very interesting topics. Perhaps, if you do end up giving the lectures, you will put your lecture notes online?

Almost certainly, but whether or not they're on the public Internet will depend on the policy of the relevant institution. I do have a bunch of Semantic Web and agent presentations (tutorials and conference presentations) online at http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~nmg/presentations/.

Does that mean your leaving?

*looks forlorn*


Re: Does that mean your leaving?

Not immediately, but I do need to start looking at lectureships. Better pay, more freedom in my research, better profile, etc.

(you'll not get rid of me that easily, though)

I have to also look pouty if you're going, but good luck with them!

It isn't going that far!

Well done my little gorgeous one :)

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