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Help me run my life!

I was planning to stir myself into action for the purposes of deGAFIAtion (or whatever the correct term is) and go up to London for this evening's BSFA meeting. I had, however, bargained without the whims of fate and one of my colleague's inaugural lecture (whose date I had temporarily forgotten).

This is my choice: 1) I stay for the lecture, catch the 1923 train and get to the Rising Sun sometime after 2100, or 2) bunk off work at usual time, get to the Rising Sun at about 1900 and spend the rest of the evening feeling wretched and guilty.

Bah. Suggestions? Who am I likely to miss as guest?

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Ah. Could also be that (didn't your website used to look suspiciously like the 1998-era totl frontpage?)

To be honest, the boundaries have started to blur as various disparate groups have merged. My acquaintance graph is much bushier than it was only a couple of years ago, thanks to people like zotz moving to Cambridge, if only temporarily.

[g] Still does, other than the fact that it's down until I get around to uploading it to new server...

Really should do something about redesigning it, but I can't honestly think of a layout I prefer...

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