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Lunch in London, dinner in Hong Kong, luggage in Dubai

Despite barely cooling my heels following the conference in the US the week before last (which I will write about when I get a chance), and spending all of last week working until midnight on a succession of papers, I'm off to Seoul in about twenty minutes' time to present an invited talk at the PRIMA2003 agent school (I am being Jim Hendler), hopefully to return with many stories of feeling like an illiterate tourist. On the plus side, I get to cross off another two countries in my I-Spy Book of the World (only another 250 points before I get to meet Big Chief I-Spy!)

After I get back on Sunday, it's only another couple of days before I have to go to Amsterdam for another workshop. Ergh. I need sleep.

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This reminded me of "Small World"

Only you're chasing academic endeavour not a girl (tsk, always the way..)

I hope you return with a vague idea of which way the hands go round the clock.

Your parody of the old Concorde advert reminded me of my own more morbid version. I was wearing the below on a t-shirt the day after the French flambe.

Yes, I know they weren't from berlin but 'Bonn' doesn't fit and lacks the cultural cachet.

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