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Bath lectureship redux

To cut a long story short, I didn't get the lectureship at Bath.

The interview last Wednesday went well (the presentation could have been better, given that Powerpoint glitched three times in twenty minutes), but I lost out to the competition. As the rejection letter said: "this post has now been offered to another candidate, who was considered by the panel to have a stronger academic profile, and, in particular, one which was a better 'fit' to the strategic research strengths of this department".

In retrospect, this wasn't entirely surprising, given that my specialism (applied AI, agents, the Semantic Web) isn't a major focus of the department, and that none of the interview panel had a background in this area (which rather begs the question of why it was given as a potential subject area in the job advert). To some extent, I think that I've fallen victim to the intra-department politics at Bath.

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--I didn't get the lectureship at Bath

--I think that I've fallen victim to the intra-department politics at Bath

Are you taking this as well as this posting implies? Or is your "Interview panel" weeble getting a lot of use today..?

Mucho sympathy. The need to 'get out' I can dig bigstyle.

As ias has pointed out, it's not all bad. Bath got a 4 in the last research assessment exercise (which means their funding got cut), while Southampton got a 5* (which means their funding increased), and stand to get a 6* in RAE2006 (which means even more money). My profile as a research fellow at Southampton is undoubtedly higher than it would be as a lecturer at Bath, and I am enjoying the work I'm doing at Southampton (even if Glorious Leader occasionally forgets that his peons have home lives).

A job in Bath would have been nice chiefly because it would have meant that ias and I could actually live together (a first in the more than ten years we've been together, and the nine months we've been married), even if careerwise it might have been inadvisable. The current plan is to see if Glorious Leader is amenable to me working from home (in Bath) two days a week, which would make childrearing a more practical proposition.

So, yes, I think that I'm taking this fairly well. I'd still welcome a lectureship (not primarily for the money, but because I want to teach), but it isn't the end of the world.

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