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Planes and trains
Just boarded the sleeper to Glasgow (alas no sign of Skimbleshanks). From there I'll be heading to the Western Isles, where I will do my best to avoid any large anthropomorphic wicker constructions.

The shame of it is that this is just a flying (day!) visit to examine a PhD; if it hadn't been for the demands of work, I would have happily spent a couple of days in Stornoway.

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Uni of Highlands and Islands? I think that's one of the few around here that I haven't knowingly encountered anyone from yet...

Yes, UHI. Not that I've managed to get there, thanks to a complete fuck-up on the West Coast mainline.

Just saw your other post - guess it happens and is harder to resolve overnight, but sucks that your plans got trashed because of it. I'm pretty shocked that the sleeper doesn't have wifi/electricity, pretty much every train I've done the Scotland/England journey has at least had somewhere decent to plug things in and advertised some form of wifi.

They had power (in the lounge car only, not the sleeping cars), but the amount of current that could be drawn was only enough for phone chargers, not laptops.

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