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Give me the child until he is seven

garklet: Tonight, I want you to make me a statue when we get home.

nmg: Oh really, what sort of statue?

garklet: I want a statue with a cross with somebody on it.

nmg: o_O

nmg: Uh, why do you want a statue of someone being crucified?

garklet: Because I think it would be good.

nmg: No, I mean why do you want a statue of that rather than of something else? A crucifix is a religious statue, and we're not religious.

garklet: Because I like cross statues.

nmg: o_O

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Don't worry. Maybe he's just a sadist, not a Christian.

There are limits, you know!

Pope on a stick?

Japanese department store crucified Santa?

Barney the impaled dinosaur?

garklet: What's with the we paleface?

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