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Unshared interests meme

A nifty meme suggested by missfairchild:

I keep a vague eye on the user info of most people on my friends list, and am always intrigued by the unshared ones. So I'd like to know a little more about the unshared interests you list.
What are your favourite ones? What do they mean to you? And why are you such contrary buggers that nobody else on LJ seems to agree with your choices?
A fantastic short film company from Bristol (that isn't Aardman). Keep in a dry place and away from children is worth seeking out.
open hypermedia
A form of hypermedia in which the links between documents are stored separately from the documents, so that a link can be applied to many different documents (a generic link), or so that links may be added between documents regardless of whether you can alter the document itself. This was one of the key ideas that Ted Nelson (the coiner of the word 'hypertext') had during the Xanadu project. It has had a great impact on the research in the hypertext community, even if it has had little to no impact in the Web community (where are the XLink implementations?). I first heard about this in 1990 from a BBC Horizon documentary called Hyperland (starring Douglas Adams and Tom Baker) a full two years before I heard of the Web, and my interest in the subject led fairly directly to me quitting my job in industry and starting my PhD in 1997.
Yet another Ted Nelson concept from Xanadu. Transclusion is transparent inclusion by reference of one text into another. Want to quote what someone else has written? Don't cut and paste that text, transclude it.
Another concept that Ted Nelson can lay claim to inventing, namely the notion of paying for access to information based on usage - you read twenty bytes, you pay for twenty bytes. I agree with the general idea (including that of royalty payments for transcluded content), even if I disagree with him on some of the strawman details (mainly the notion that one byte is worth the same - a nanogram of gold - no matter where it is found, which makes a photograph more valuable that a poem).
salt and sauce
On haddock and chips, or a black pudding supper. With Irn Bru.
subject indexes
What LiveJournal needs for interests. No more entering both einstuerzende neubauten and einsturzende neubauten, or worrying whether sf stands for San Francisco or science fiction.
campaign for real ale
Duplicate for the camra entry to prove my point about subject indexes.
unreasonable dogmatism
An apt description of the mental state of someone who agrees with Ted Nelson and can be bothered to gripe about the interests system in LiveJournal.

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unreasonable dogmatism

[laughs at the explanation]

Oh, very good, dear!

Interesting! Must go find my copy of Dream Machines and rememebr what made me start to do this thing all those years ago...

Hair splitting for fun and profit.

OK there's no profit involved but.. they're not unshared are they? It's just no-one on LJ lists them. Or rather no-one lists them in the 150 chances they get (which I for one find limiting - hence the ever growing additional links above the 'interests' on my user info) or not the same way (getting onto your VERY valid subject indicies point).

I only have two "unshared" (used to be three but then someone else listed Curly Wurlys too). "bapa" and islay single malts.

BAPA - British Amateur Press Association : I know of at least three other Bapans who have active LJs, but they don't list it as an interest in their user info for whatever reason.

Islay Single Malts: Well four LJ people list "islay" and 35, a certain ias of this parish amongst them, list "single malts." I prefer the Islay distillations to the mainland but am not averse to indulging in the latter.

Like LJ itself, it's a flawed meme. But then so'm I :op

Point taken - 'unshared' was originally meant in the sense of 'not having been listed by anyone on LJ', not 'having noone else on LJ be interested in them'. All's fair in love and closed world assumptions, I guess.

I wish that there was some way of saying 'these two interests are really the same interest', but that sort of editorial control (taxonomy building, essentially, hence the listing of subject indexes/indices) takes effort and can't be done by a community - just look at the amount of volunteer effort that the Open Directory Project spends on shuffling its taxonomy around.

Closed World Assumptions, ah, yummy - my favourite flavour!

Wibble. :o)

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