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Signal Boost: Stop it!

While I am as narked as the next user by the alleged actions of certain arms of a certain state towards my blogging platform of choice and the embattled citizens of that state, I'm sure that most of us by now have seen double-digit reposts of deathpixie's original.

It's not often that my first experience of an LJ feature (in this case, the repost facility) gives rise to the urge to kill, but I'm very close to that point now. Please stop pressing the bloody repost buttons:

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I took the button off mine. And added content. I deserve cookies.

You're the only one that did!

Reposting is less helpful than you'd think. The first time I see the post, fine. The second time I see it, there's no additional value to me. When I've seen it fifteen times, so that reposts of the same damned post almost outnumber original posts from my friends (you know, the thing that keeps me coming back to LJ), then the signal to noise ratio is badly out of whack.

Livejournal is not Usenet, alas. When I've seen two verbatim copies of the same post, I can't add a line to my killfile that stops me from having to wading through every subsequent copy.

Interestingly I've only seen 2 posts of it, but equally am happy not to see any more. Fandoms friendslist intersect too much for this to be a good feature.

There's a report button? Huh?

That's what I thought! What a ghastly idea.

That was the first time I'd read about that, so thanks for reposting!

It could just be that I'm in the intersection of a number of cliques or near-cliques, and that the post isn't being reposted significantly within each of those cliques. Still, enough is enough, etc.

I have to admit, I'm a bit overwhelmed myself - think of my inbox with all those pingback emails! ;)

Honestly, I'm glad my post has been helpful, although I never anticipated this kind of reaction.

I dread to think, to be honest. Any idea how many reposts it received?

Over 350 at this point. It's a little terrifying! I've never been this 'popular' before!

Encourage each of them to bring four like-minded friends, and you could probably conquer Luxembourg.

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