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Kay Dekker
As his partner Justin posted yesterday, Kay - mhw - died on Wednesday night.

I first met Kay when I was a callow CS finalist at Warwick in the early 90s. He'd come up to DCS from Cov Uni for a research seminar on autostereoptic displays (odd what you remember), and stayed on to chat afterwards. I'd heard of Kay much earlier; I recall seeing him and his .sig all over the same bits of Usenet that I read, and gothick_matt had spoken about him quite a few times.

I can't say that he was the sole or even the main reason that I went on to a career in academia, but meeting a young, approachable (but not horribly intense) lecturer certainly helped.

My thoughts are with his friends and family.

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I met him at an Oxford Potter gathering. I don't think he was that much older than us, was he? He was doing so much good.

"He was doing so much good."

Think you just said in a sentance words I've been looking for for ages. Yeah, that's him.

He sounds like a splendid chap. I'm sorry I never met him.

He was a warm and wonderful person. Very sad.

Ah crap. That's terrible news.

Shared a car with him on the way to Whitby one year. He seemed alright.

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