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Fun with scammers

Just taken another call from an Indian scammer. 37 minutes! A new record!

And they've just called back to insult me further! Victory is mine!

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*cackle* - I salute your persistence!

How salty was their language by the end of the half-hour?

I kept one on the phone for ages yesterday, but got bored so I let him go, could have kept him dangling for ages. He wanted to offer me compensation for that car accident I had within the last 2 years. Oh, really, I said, do tell me more, tell me all about the car accident I have had. The one where you had injuries, he says. Oh, right, when was that, can you tell me the date? I can ask you for the details, Madame. Ah no, but you said you have me on your list as someone who has had an accident in the last three years, I'd like to know more about what information you have...

(I've not had an accident, of course).

This one was one of the "I am from the Windows Service Centre, and we have noticed that your Windows computer is running slowly because there is malware running on it" scammers; they try and get you to install software that allows them to control your machine remotely so that they can install some (typically freeware) anti-virus software (£195 for four years) while pulling any financial details off your machine that they can.

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