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Just Harlan

I've had this great idea for a short story. It's going to be a Richmal Crompton pastiche in which William and the Outlaws get into a scrape when they 'accidentally' lose Violet Elizabeth Bott's pet white mouse and try to replace it with a sewer rat that Jumble has caught.

The catch is that I'm going to update it by writing it in the style of Harlan Ellison.

I'm going to call it I Have No Mouth, and I Must Thcweam.


(and for an encore, I have this great idea for another short involving Violet, William and his dog Jumble in an updated postapocalyptic setting, but I'm blowed if I can think of a title)

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You could write an alien invasion one in the style of HG Wells called "The Chances of Anything Coming From Marleigh".

I have to admit to ripping that one off from someone - it was originally meant to be an HG Wells/Goons crossover called The Chances of Anything Coming From Margate. But it was too good to resist reusing.

I'm blowed if I can think of a title

[Sceptical look]

Did you see the BBC remake over Christmas?

"An Outlaw and his Dog"?

Doesn't bode well for Violet, though ;)

Interesting Links for 15-6-2011

User andrewducker referenced to your post from Interesting Links for 15-6-2011 saying: [...] Possibly the worst joke in the history of bad science-fiction jokes [...]

(Deleted comment)
Not *entirely* serious, I must say, but partly because I have other Wrong Things that I want to do first. Such as translating a chunk of Clockwork Orange from nadsat to polari.

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