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It's all been downhill since Jethro Tull

The agriculturalist and not the prog rock band, that is.

We have an allotment, the one in the NW corner of this map.

Many things about it are good, principally the price (£3.58 per annum) and the location (our house is four houses away due west). What's less good was the state when we assumed the lease: thigh-deep in brambles. We've been gradually clearing them - currently about 20% done - but what's clear is that the previous leaseholders didn't bother clearing the brambles by hand, preferring to chop them up with a rotorvator. I'm pulling out about a dozen large roots the thickness of my thumb per square metre, mostly rooted about 50cm down, and many small fragments around 15cm long.

This could be a long struggle. Suggestions welcome.

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What's the soil like otherwise? If it's bad enough to warrant double digging and a few trailerloads of horse or mushroom compost, then you can hire a rotating barrel sieve and shovel the lot through it.

Otherwise get to a mil surplus shop (or eBay) and buy yourself a WW2 British Army entrenching tool. It's like a mini-mattock with a blade on one side for brambles, a narrow pickaxe on the other for hauling dandelions out of lawns with a single blow.

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