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Counting the years

As sushidog says, hello LJ! How are you? I am rubbish at posting to LJ, so here we have an easy meme in lieu of anything substantial. Actually, this turned out to be significantly harder than I thought, because I've had to go digging through decades-old emails in order to work out where I lived in 2001. Ah, the frailties of memory.

March 2011: Living in a mortgaged mid-terrace in Southampton with ias and the garklet. Loving the rock'n'roll life of a lecturer.

March 2001: Living in a shared house in Southampton just round the corner from the Uni. Not entirely sure who was in the house with me at the time - possibly squirmelia, Colin and Heather (I think that Mike and Rachel had moved out by that point). Still writing up the PhD, though working as a research fellow on AKT.

March 1991: Living at home with my parents in Upminster, studying towards A-level exams in the summer.

March 1981: Living at home with my parents in Upminster. Adjusting to life in junior school (having moved from the adjacent infants school the previous September).

(I wasn't around in 1971)


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Would that be the junior school in the town where I live ?

Good god, no! Upminster Infants/Junior, at the crossroads in the middle of Upminster.

I am frequently very thankful that I didn't go to the Prep.

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