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First Men in the Moon

The Gatiss version. Our intrepid heros, Bedford and Prof. Cavor, are about to land on the moon. Suddenly, a klaxon sounds...

Bedford: What's that noise?

Cavor: It's an alarm. Can you read the number?

Bedford: What number?

Cavor: The number of the alarm.

Bedford: It's ... 1202.

Cavor: Oh, don't worry about that.

Compare with this. Gatiss is *such* a geek (as am I, for getting the joke).

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I'm finding it a bit slow, myself.

yesbut...the 1202 program alarm! I can forgive an awful lot of slow pacing in exchange for a gag like that.

Yesbut you actually get it ! :P I am not as informed about the Apollo missions as you are. I think the garklet knows more than I do !

(Deleted comment)
repeated on BBC 4 / HD at 00:30 - 2:00 tomorrow morning

Well, the problem is that it went from "Coming soon on BBC4" to "Starting now on BBC4" without apparently passing through the intervening stage where they tell you when it's going to be on.

It's an increasing trend from the BBC. I suspect they're doing it to keep us on our toes and dissuade us from watching other TV providers in case we miss things that we didn't know in advance were on.

It's only possible because of the special way the BBC is funded...


I liked the bit about the moths.

w.r.t space, have you seen these Soviet Lunar Program pictures? (Via jwz.)

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