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The Browne Review report

Too depressing for words. If I can muster the energy, I'll write a longer commentary later this week. For the time being, let me echo the words of Sally Hunt: "Lord Browne's recommendations, if enacted, represent the final nail in the coffin for affordable higher education."

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Christ if only. Can I quote some of this?

Just interesting numerical comparison from a non STEM school as amzed at your MSc figs : Sheffield Law dept teaches c 1200 UGs over 3 years (huge - last year's 3rd year had 600, a high bump)and has c 30-50 Masters students, more than 50% but not overwhelmingly overseas (tho overwhelmingly non UK). (Not counting the LPC people as that's sorta different.) And we are a vocational, business oriented discipline.

You really can only conclude from these clear figures there is an underlying hatred of intellectualism.

Also c 1/5 of those UGs are overseas which is one of the things that keeps us solvent. But means they are more than ill fitted to an UG degree in a subject which is essentially English textual interpretation and drafting.

Sure, quote as you wish.

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