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The Browne Review report

Too depressing for words. If I can muster the energy, I'll write a longer commentary later this week. For the time being, let me echo the words of Sally Hunt: "Lord Browne's recommendations, if enacted, represent the final nail in the coffin for affordable higher education."

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Maybe it's to do with the fact that I'm technically studying a humanities subject. But they are only letting me submit work by email if I have it written into a learning support agreement and only then if I am ill or unable to hand work in in person due to my disability.

Seriously, the course leader will tell people to leave the room if they try to come in more than 15 minutes late and then they get called back in the room when a break happens. She's been very kind to me, but I would not like to deal with her if I had done something wrong !

I hear stories of students being disruptive in ways I only ever imagined happened at school, and was personally given shit by another student last year after I asked student A who had persistently failed to do any preparation including group work to leave a small group tutorial. I think we're seeing not only people unfitted to HE doing degrees, but also a result of the break down of educational authority at school level (one small point is that I really dislike the way Sheffield students automatically adress me by first name. if they asked I'd say yes: but it shouldn;t be assumed.)

Yes, I agree with you entirely about the lack of respect for authority. My right ear literally does not work, which you can't tell by looking at me. But it means hearing a lecture is more demanding for me, especially if the acoustics in the room are not good and the lecturer is not vocally trained to deliver a lecture. But I ended up having to sit with people who were talking amongst themselves, rustling bags, getting up to go in and out of the room. I just could not believe that they could do that ! It must be even harder to deal with when you are the lecturer !

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