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"Fair and Unbiased"

So, Top Gear's man of mystery, the Stig, has unmasked himself in order to sell his book. The BBC is objecting to the publication of the book on the grounds that it breaches contractual and confidentiality agreements.

HarperCollins, the would-be publishers of the book, have issued a press release in which they say that they "are disappointed that the BBC has chosen to spend licence fee payers' money to suppress this book".

Remind me again who owns HarperCollins, and why they might want to make political capital at the BBC's expense in the run-up to the renegotiation of the BBC charter, and possible abolition of the license fee.

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It being 12 hours containing homophobic bilge makes it somehow less offensive?

That I find it morally abhorrent and that I genuinely think less of anyone who can condone that kind of program doesn't make it the be all and end all for me. Like I'm sure many people who found programs like 'the Comedians' and 'Love thy Neighbour' offesive managed to live full, happy lives despite the fact that there weas a major broadcaster condoning prejudice.

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