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Dogs playing poker...

...cats, bears, wolves and monkeys playing Uno.

(Wolfie has just played a blue 1, and play is passing clockwise; Brown Bear is therefore just about to win. Cat has managed to stitch Monk up something rotten with a few well-placed +4s, and has left him with a hand worth upwards of 120)

The garklet keeps asking what Cat and Monk get up to while he's at nursery, and we've started to stage vignettes to indulge him and amuse ourselves.

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Occasionally, Abi works a bit too hard, and has to be instructed to take a day off. On such occasions (and between 6pm on Friday and 8am on Monday) her Blackberry is temporarily put beyond use.

Here we see Patch (bear in red shirt), Portland (light-coloured bear), Timothy (hippo) and Erik (owl) helpfully hoisting it up onto the top of the bookcase.

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