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Where I ate my lunch

Why yes, that is a pair of Rolls Royce RZ2 engines.

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Armagh planetarium is perhaps a nicer place to go engine spotting.8-)

Is the space centre worth a visit? I'm wondering about a detour from the Lincoln steampunkery in September, but my wish to see Blue Elephant, Purple Penguin et al is rather tempered by the fact it's in Leicester.

Where I ate my lunch

Should have added an explanation to a slightly misleading photo: Blue Streak was suspended vertically above us, and I really did eat my lunch under it (the cafe is on the ground floor).

And yes, it is worth a visit. Better interpretation than
The space gallery at the Science Museum, and the top-rank artefacts (Blue Streak and Thor) are easily as good as anything there, which a much better display environment. That said, slightly poor interpretation on Blue Streak (only a passing mention of ELDO, and net to nothing on Black Arrow), and a few bits of badly put of date interpretation elsewhere (the display that only mentioned one of the lost Shuttle orbiters, for example).

The shop could also have been better - not a
Great book selection.

Hooray you got to visit the Space Centre! Hope Alex was impressed.

See you tomorrow,

R x

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