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Well, that didn't take long

Cavilling hack Andrew Orlowski sticks in the boot following the withdrawal of funding for the Web Science Institute.

Nice to hear one's research described as "webtastic wankery of dubious intellectual merit and zero commercial potential".

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...and that's what's infuriating. He *can* write well-reasoned bits of analysis, but all too often he tosses off dreck like this.

Ha, well, The Reg is ad supported, so I would imagine that someone has to write contraversial headlines, misleading bylines and/or overblown articles in order to get the page impressions up.

Compare Slashdot to LWN, for example.

Picking my words very carefully here, but I don't think Mr. Orlowski is /neccessarily/ incorrect, history will prove one way or the other, but he doesn't exactly present his ideas in a very tactful way.

The Reg is a tech tabloid, that's for certain.

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