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Well, that didn't take long

Cavilling hack Andrew Orlowski sticks in the boot following the withdrawal of funding for the Web Science Institute.

Nice to hear one's research described as "webtastic wankery of dubious intellectual merit and zero commercial potential".

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Has he commented on the pox-ridden cyborgs of Reading yet?

I saw that story too - it's nice to see that there's more than just Kevin Warwick at Reading.

There's *several* of us here, believe it or not. Not all with pieces of hardware surgically implanted, though.

Not sure how long there will be several people here for, though. The axe is currently swinging wide...


borgs of Reading

Help! Help! I'm being assimilated!

John Leyden beat him to it.
Beyond saying that malware-infected heart pacemakers are not a risk at present at the end of the report, Cellan-Jones allows the publicity-hungry academic to make his claims without challenging their plausibility.

But giving stupid people a voice is what the BBC is for! If journalists actually tried to insist that arguments were supported by fact, that wouldn't be impartial enough.

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