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Dear Undergraduates

Okay, you win. You've ignored my missives [*,*] on the fashion crime that is the wearing of badly-fitting Ugg boots. Go ahead and shuffle around in those sheepskin monstrosities - I won't complain any longer.

But for heaven's sake, lay off the gladiator sandals. They looked silly on Russell Crowe, and they look silly on you, especially the sparkly ones (swisstone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that the diamantarius is a proper class of gladiator).

No love,


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Students passing the building at lunchtime ... usually bunch of scruffy layabouts scuffing their feet ... but one of the women was wearing fairly short denim shorts (not hot pants, but not baggy half-way to the knees either), with opaque black stockings that stopped about five inches from the bottom of the shorts and suspenders that went up from the top of the stockings inside the legs of the shorts ... *should* have been damn sexy to my mind, but somehow didn't work at all ... just looked like shorts with opaque tights with large holes in them ... and not in a sexy way!

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