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Sunday Morning

I think that I've just been given a spoiler for last night's Doctor Who by the garklet (who, lest we forget, is three). I think that I may need to do some explaining.

In other news, we (ias and I, sans garklet) had a lovely time yesterday at the wedding of swisstone and ladymoonray, wherein we ate too much, drank too much, talked a lot (but not nearly enough) with folk we don't see often enough and generally had an ace time. We wish them all happiness in their future life together.

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(Deleted comment)
Looks like *everyone* was there except us. Boo to having no money :(

> talked a lot (but not nearly enough) with folk we don't see often enough and generally had an ace time.


Yes - I realised in the early evening that I'd completely failed to say hi earlier in the day. So, uh, "hi"! :)

annafdd and I had to leave quite early. We were both a bit upset at not being able to stay longer.

Sorry you had to leave so soon, I'd have enjoyed sitting and chatting with both of you too.

Hope you're both feeling well today.

Anna seems to be worse than before the wedding. :-(

I am about as fit as ever and am keen to come and taunt you into throwing stuff out..

Ah, we could have finally met IRL.

You were there? %#*@!

Yep. Lurking about in black suit and sunglasses, often carrying champagne, and occasionally smoking cuban cigars.

In which case, I probably saw you on the way out (there was certainly someone smoking the most gorgeous smelling cigars as we left - and I say that as a fervent non-smoker).

I was wearing a chocolate brown corduroy suit and flowery shirt, but I suspect that ias (flowery white dress accessorised in turquoise and with a purple raincoat) stood out rather more.

Ah well. I'm sure that there will be other opportunities.

Brown cord suit, with brown suede shoes?

Yes, that was me. I blame the influence of academia.

I went outside to look for you! hving been told you were mostly out with the smokers, but no sighting??:((Mind you as you possibly recall, I can't recognise my own left leg until I've been formally introduced several times..)

At some intervals I'd nipped off to the car to pick up more fizz, or to neck a couple of emergency espressos.

I keep seeing all these LJ names that I know, and similarly finding out afterwards that they were at the same event as me (after Eastercon I saw dozens of people on my friends list talking about how much they'd enjoyed the convention, and I still don't know what they look like!)

Shockingly enough I don't think we even said hello :-(

But I did meet your sister again :-)

Does the spoiler involve a talk you were hoping to put off for a few years?

Not quite - the spoiler concerned what may (or may not) be in River Song's past and the Doctor's future.

Hello! Nice to meet you on Saturday!

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