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Per Toddler Ad Astra
*reads article about the X-37B
*looks over shoulder at pictures*
That rocket not for people.
That's right, it's an unmanned spacecraft.
That rocket not for people because it not got a toilet.

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(Deleted comment)
I can't fault his reasoning...

I was just looking at

Are the round objects on the inside of the fairing some sort of sophisticated Helmholtz resonator for sound deadening during launch, or have they just been looking too hard at the early Tardis?

Wise words indeed, young garklet

And now you get to explain about Mercury and Gemini, and daipers and plastic bags...

Oddly enough, that and waste water recyclng aboard the ISS were the subsequent topic of conversation. The idea of astronauts having to defecate in plastic bags or diapers bothered him not at all, whereas the notion that one might find it necessary to drink (suitably treated) recycled urine was WRONG and YUCKY and would make you SICK.

If nothing else, this demonstrates that toddlers have very different take on the treatment of human waste, presumably because they don't have to deal with it themselves.

Also, given that we're staying at my parents' next weekend (who are babysitting Alex while we're at the wedding), I don't think that I should tell him about the origin of drinking water in London.

The bodily waste taboo is learned if I remember correctly. Whereas e.g. snake fear is innate although its expression is delayed.

Most adults won't drink orange juice from a (clean or brand new) potty. The taboo is pretty strong, but it is cultural, so there could be a culture that doesn't have it.

Hmm, the creation of new taboos is an interesting possibility for public health intervention.

Yes, but he's being selective in a way that I wouldn't expect given our reactions; I'm more likely to note that he's had a particularly foul poo (details elided - you don't need to know) than that he's had a copious wee...

Wow, shows how his thinking skills are coming on !

You really, really have to bring him to the Space Centre!

(Deleted comment)
Given that his main design requirement for spaceships (also aircraft, cars, boats, etc) is "it go crash", this may not be such a good idea.

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