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Further thoughts on Victory of the Daleks

The garklet (a normal, energetic three year old) fell asleep during it.

I don't know whether to be appalled (he should have been hiding behind a cushion, not sleeping) or impressed with his critical judgement.

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What did he think of the first two eps and what had you done yesterday ?

Oh and how is he ?

He hasn't seen them. We were away when the first was screened. ias watched it without him, and then decided that it was possibly a bit too scary for him at the moment. We likewise watched the second episode without him, and made a similar decision.

Oh, and he's fine. Look here for all your small child needs

Thank you for the link. It looks like you really got to know Malta. I've heard interesting things about the local bus system....

Most maltese buses have little shrines at the front with saints/the Madonna in them, and people bless themselves as they get on. This probably says a lot about their confidence in the driver.

(The only song I know about Malta, Cyril Tawney's Sammy's Bar involves a car crash.)

On the flip side, most buses in Malta are owner-operated, so the drivers have a fair incentive not to drive like maniacs.

(and in general, the Maltese seemed to be sensible drivers)

They must have improved a bit since I visited there 20 years ago! Everyone seemed to drive like maniacs on these incredibly narrow, badly maintained roads.

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