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Is it just me, or has Mark Gatiss been channelling Dan O'Bannon?

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I thought we were about to have an Independence Day moment...

Yeah, I did think of that. But it was too slight for that.

Am I the only one who thought the ep was very thin on plot ?

It read like "oooh, Daleks and Churchill, what a great idea!" and then they realised they had no plot to go with it, so went with generic ideas instead.

Oh thank god it's not just me !

Nope! I thought it stunk to high heaven and had nothing original in it!


I distinctly remember thinking "Hmm, if they just loaded the super-bomb into that thing that can teleport back onto the dalek ship, we'd never see the daleks ever again. And I'm OK with that".

Even if the rest of the episode had been good, the new power-ranger daleks by fisher price were terrible. And the rest of the episode wasn't good. The highlight of the dialogue was an in-joke about an insurance mascot. Even Russell T Davies could do better than that.

Oh well, the last two episodes were good, 2 out of 3 is not bad at all.

I suspect that the new Daleks were specifically designed so that the toys will be cheaper to manufacture. Do Not Want.

Better that than Rockne S O'Bannon, surely?

Content-less crap; I expected better from Gatiss. I don't like the iDaleks either - daleks should be camp, and these new chaps fail on that completely.

Why expect better? His previous episodes are amongst the worst. The 1950s one with the evil black-and-white TV sets and the one in Cardiff about Charles Dickens. Still not as bad as the "Fear Her" one.

I liked Idiot's Lantern and Fear Her. This was waaaay weaker.

All those are flawed (and hardly unique in that :) but are at least sustained by an underlying structure that doesn't make my head go ¡spang!, unlike this little heap of fœtid zarbi excrement. Gatiss' previous efforts were at least way better than RTD's worst, and Idiot's Lantern pretty much edged into "good" for me.

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