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The sky at night, tonight

Very clear sky tonight, so have actually managed to see the Geminids despite the skyglow and the floodlights in one of our neighbour's gardens. A couple of very bright meteors and about another four or five lesser ones, all in ten minutes or so. If you have a clear sky where you are, now would be a good time to step outside for a quarter of an hour - look to the east.

Briefly contemplated waking the garklet up to show him the best sky that he's yet had an opportunity to see in Southampton, but thought better of it. I'll just have to point Jupiter out to him on the way home (and try and explain the phases of the moon) as usual.

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At least 7/8 cloud here in Cambridge, as usual for any interesting astronomical phenomenon.

Appalling light pollution where I am, but still saw a handful before my neck told me it was time to come in.

I'm jealous! I've had lousy meteor spotting weather this year. The Geminids were beautiful here last year, and they set off the seasonal animatronic reindeer rather smartly.

In this part of SE London it's NEVER good meteor spotting conditions.

The Perseids weren't brilliant due to a hazy sky, but Jo did manage to see a couple - the first meteors she'd ever seen, so she was very thrilled.

Living five miles away from an airport means I rarely get clear skies. Ann really missed the starry nights she enjoyed when she lived in South Wales.

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