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Doctor Who

The distinctive "chirp-boing" noise of the proximity sensors on the roof of the module appears to have been lifted from 2001: A Space Odyssey; it's the noise of the proximity radar aboard the EVA pods on Discovery One.

My, I'm a geek.

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It was also the distress signal from the escape pod in The Spy Who Loved Me.

That was (IIRC) just a chirp, and not a chirp-boing.

It might be there there was more than one type of chirp. There was definitely a "meep meep meep meep".

Possibly. this [WAV] was the sound effect I was referring to.

Aha - the chirp IS the same as the one in TSWLM, but in TSWLM it didn't have the accompanying boing.

Odd. That link took me to Amazon under someone else's affiliate code.

Yeah, there's something seriously screwy with it, but copy-pasting the URL into Media Player Classic worked.

I suspect referer [sic] shenanigans.

Yes, you could well be right.

What did you think of it ?

Along with chunks of Silent Running and I suspect a bit of Aliens

And the Andromeda Strain. And Event Horizon. And Alien. And The Thing.

Just the "Awooga!" sound in half a dozen modern SF shows (including Who) is normally the Mac Alarm sound...

Our nerdery was more of the science than the science-fiction type:

fides (as the doctor stands amid the burning metal struts after the explosion): "Uh, would the atmosphere on Mars support fire?"

Me (after "that's ten feet of solid steel!" and a back-of-the-envelope calculation): "Uh, so they couldn't bring bikes due to a weight constraint, but they brought a five thousand ton ceiling tile?"

You think that's bad - have you worked out how big the launch vehicle(s) would have been?

The Apollo missions put 45 tonnes in a trans-lunar transfer orbit, and were able to put 15 tonnes of that on the surface of the moon and then bring 6 tonnes back to Earth. That required a launch vehicle with a wet mass of 3000 tonnes...

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