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How I spent my Sunday afternoon...

...by Nicky Gibbins, aged 36 and 23/24ths.

One kitchen roll tube, some white card, some grey card, some red and orange tissue paper, and an awful lot of glue.

(and that's the only opportunity I'll get to play with it, since the garklet is most clear that it is now "my rocket")

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The next step will be to build one of these [14Mb PDF, also summaries here and here].

If I do build it, there's every chance that it'll appear as a prop in a certain future LRP.

Hooray -- you're a rocket scientist.

Yes, albeit a rocket scientist with gluey fingers.

(Deleted comment)
ias caught him telling himself a story about multi-stage rockets earlier today.

I'll probably wait a couple of years before I introduce him to model rocketry.


(Now let's hope that the Chez Gark space programme makes it through re-entry!)

I'd be amazed if the current launch vehicle makes it through to next weekend without suffering a catastrophic failure. Reusable it isn't.

I've spent much of the last month reading through plans for missions that never were on the NASA Tech Report server (see the links for John above) - plans to put a man on Mars in the mid 1980s (with nuclear thermal rockets) that were written before Apollo 11 landed in the Sea of Tranquility.

Consequently, I'm now incredibly depressed by the current state of the US space effort, and by what are effectively three wasted decades of manned spaceflight.

Brilliant! Personally, I think these NASA bods are milking it a bit.

Damned straight. $450 million for Ares 1-X? Give me enough loo rolls and sticky-backed plastic, and I'll send a man to Mars.

But where's the payload?

Pfft. Everyone's a critic.

Clearly, to bootstrap his appreciation of all things Top Gear, you need to strap a repainted model Robin Reliant to it.

Incidentally, did you see the James May's Toy Stories about Airfix? I suspect you'd like it.

It's saved on our digibox, but it's a modern thing with HDMI and other such technologies designed to make transferring media about more complicated. Maybe iPlayer has it.


When Aled bach gets a bit older I might attempt something similar.

THank you for making me smile:-)

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