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Lawn Order

Had a good night out last night - ias and I went to see The Proclaimers at the Guildhall (while lovely auntie gnommi stayed in to make sure that the garklet wasn't going to trash the house).

On the drive back, we were just past the Shooting Star on Bevois Valley when a rather-the-worse-for-wear bloke started to amble into the road in front of us. I sounded the horn and braked. He, on the other hand, stood in the middle of the road with his arms spread to block our passage. Fine. I braked to a halt and beeped him again. He dropped his trousers, mooned us, then started flapping his knob at us.

At which point the two cycle-mounted police on the other side of the street (that I'd failed to notice) rode across and manhandled him out of the road without even dismounting. Priceless. It's good to see that our council tax is well-spent.

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Great. All we need now is some police presence on University road to truncheon the freshers over the head when they can't figure out that "little red man" means "don't step into the bloody road".

Also, the people who think that turning on their blinkenlichten allows them to just swerve into the cycle lane and stop.

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