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Stupid, stupid cat creature

We have a cat. She is not the brightest of creatures, but we love her anyway. Even though she has urinated on our bed twice, even though she runs from the very sight of me.

However, she cannot handle the catflap. Not the hole that the flap fits into, but the flap itself. So far, this has been rectified by the use of a pair of clothespegs to prop open the catflap so the poor widdleums creature won't have to use her delicate wittle head to lift the flap (this from the creature that used regularly to fling herself at closed windows - a piece of clear perspex presents insurmountable problems). However, we now have a Squirrel Problem.

You see, squirrels are generally clever creatures, possibly as clever as the cat herself. Like the cat, they don't have difficulties coming in and out when the catflap is pegged open. They're certainly bold enough to come through the catflap when I'm in the kitchen. We've found bits of bread that they've pinched (time to invest in a breadbin, perhaps).

This morning, we awoke to find lots of muddy little squirrel sized pawprints all over the sideboard, all over the snowglobe we brought back from honeymoon, and all over the bowl of nuts that were left over from the wedding. That is now sans nuts. The fickle feline can bloody well learn to push the cat flap open herself from now on.

I wonder where in the garden the squirrels have buried the nuts?

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Perhaps you should use your 'leet AI and hacking sk1llz to combine Flo Control and a servo to open the catflap?

It has occurred, my my 5k1ll5 are not l33t enough, and the catflap is mounted on the door.

hmmm ben is our cat...am not sure I'd trade daft cat for noisy cat...atleast ben snuggles :)

hugs hugs

Oh, Charlotte snuggles. Just not for very long, and not once she's worked out that she's on the lap of the One With The Big Feet. Daft creature.

The downside is that while she's blissed out on your lap, she loses any control she might have had over her salivary glands. Catspit smells.

hehehe that is gross...catspit is nasty...ben doesn't drool...maybe when he's older. poor dear


CatBREATH smells, catspit shouldn't (much) unless..

her back teeth are rotten. If she doesn't like you touching her mouth, especially the side of her jaw it's vee ee tee time and no messing. Honey was in fucking agony until we got her in there. The day after she was a different cat.

Her saliva smells mostly of saliva, plus maybe her last meal. The whole 'catspit smells' schtick dates from soon after we inherited her; she insisted on sleeping by our heads at night, often on our pillows (her previous owner was a rather accommodating old man). If, like me, you sleep with your head resting on your arm, having the cat nuzzle on your arm and start dribbling away while you're asleep is a good way to wake up to a sticky arm, a sticky face and the smell of cat drool. Her saliva doesn't smell much (certainly not of rotting teeth) - I'd feel much the same way if ias started dribbling on me in my sleep...

Regarding her teeth, she's been fine with us touching her mouth, especially given the amount of time we've spent gazing down her gullet while trying to feed her worming pills (one of the downsides of the cat catching small mammals to supplement the dry food we feed her), and we've seen no signs of decay.

Tetanus? I haven't got tettttttt........

Oh, I wasn't expecting that Charlotte was going all soggy fanged, I put the above badly (no change there then...). Cat worming pills! Oh yes... People are always asking me if I'm into asymmetrical scarification - No, I reply, I have five cats; please ignore the dripping blood...

Cat drool, ah what a social benefit that is... And how the little dears just love piles of clean laundry...

White bed linen and a black cat - a perfect match.

Cat is now (3pm) in house which means that either a) she was hiding from us this morning or b) she has learnt how to use the cat flap.

Hmmm. Kick her out and see if she can get back in - that'll settle this argument once and for all.

I think I prefer what our cats do. They catch the squirrels and sometimes bring them in through the catflap, but by that point the squirrels arn't going to be running around the kitchen.

We were gifted with squirrel tail (and just the tail) yesterday morning.

Charlotte doesn't do squirrels, sticking mainly to small rodents which she prefers to bring live into our bed at night (mostly during the week when I'm not there), presumably because chasing them round the duvet is more sporting. The only bits she leaves are the stomachs.

That said, she did bring in a young rabbit a month or so ago, but that was the exception rather than the rule.

My parents' cats used to make a great performance of going through the catflap ... until one day when being chased by another cat (total wusses, y'see...) they both went through together.

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