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Charms to soothe the savage breast
toddler garklet

The garklet is running around naked after his bath. I'm playing him some music to dance to. On the grounds that he likes the KLF remixes of the Doctor Who theme, I played him some Vangelis, and then some Jean Michel Jarre.

He's now running around wrapped in bubble wrap shouting "like a robot!"

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How long till he's old enough for Doctor Who ?

He has already watched a fair bit of Doctor Who (vetted to avoid the really scary bits).

New or old DW? That said, I still remember one really scary Troughton story in the London Underground...

Nu Who, alas. I have no recorded old Who, our DVD player has been out of action since he lost the remote, and we don't get UK GOLD.

As for the scary Troughton in the Underground, that would be Web of Fear. It's one of the old Who stories that I've always wanted to see, but I believe that only the first episode (of six) still exists.

(I managed to see that episode a few years ago, and it was indeed good).

By the way, how are you finding Quebec? Been fed poutine yet?

It was on offer yesterday, but I wanted to try the smoked meat (which, to be frank, was just like the boiled ham Iève had at many an xmas dinner). This gap in my food knowledge will shortly be rectified, however.

Quebec in general is very pleasant. Friendly people, picturesque surroundings, efficient (if noisy) metro service.

Ref. Who, my younger god-daughter Heloise started off being a fan of NuWho, but now has a healthy appreciation of that which went before.

Hee! That reminds me of an assembly at my primary school where we were dressed as robots doing a groovy production line mime to the music of Herbie Hancock.

Mr Davis ruled.

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