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Signs of the Recession

There are TV adverts about TV adverts.

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They've killed off Encarta too...

(and Flight Simulator, alas)

Yeah, FS was killed off a while back. Nobody wants to make complicated games that require the player to read a manual when a sequence of quick-time events and regenerating-health battles on the XBox will sell so much better.

"forced to" is an odd choice of words. Microsoft management wanted to do this, and the recession provided an excuse.

Under normal circumstances "culling" the worst performers would be bad for employee morale (Microsoft employs people smart enough to know that they aren't all above average) and more importantly, it would send the wrong message to the stock market. But Microsoft's culture begs for culling. So given a chance, they're obviously going to take it.

Isn't thst more a sign of recursion??

Well yes, obv, but you wouldn't normally see TV adverts for TV advertising because the stations would have managed to sell all of their slots to genuine clients.

Yes, the moving equivalent of the "BUS ADVERTISING WORKS" posters that I'm increasingly seeing replacing real adverts on the backs of the local buses...

And the "Advertise your jobs here" adverts taking up more space than job adverts in the Guardian technology section, of which there were only 2 this week...

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